“Nothing worth having comes easy.” The owner of Cafe Yagam, Ms. Poleen Carla Rosito can definitely relate to this old adage when she joined the Google Business Group (GBG) Stories Search for 2017. The GBG Stories Search is a recognition of the efforts of entrepreneurs who are using Google technologies to create an impact in their business and their community. The contest process is a rigorous one starting with filling up an application form. For Carla, she immediately decided to join the contest as soon as she received the email inviting her to join.

After the deadline, the long wait begins for Carla as she hopes that her application would capture the interest of the judges which would propel her story, out of the hundreds of stories entered globally, to the top 24 which is the next phase of this prestigious contest. Ms. Carla and Cafe Yagam was fortunate enough to convey the right message on her application form that she was part of the top 24.

The next phase of the contest was for her to turn her story in her application form to a 1-minute video which would give the judges a view of her personality, mission, and vision and of course how she used Google products to create an impact on her business. The top 9 stories who will once again suit the criteria set by the judges will move on to the next part of the competition. From the top 9, the winners of this years GBG Stories search 2017 will be chosen.

There will be three top stories to be chosen and a community favorite. The community favorite will be chosen by online votes while the three other winning stories will be chosen with the addition of judges votes. One-week was given to the top 9 in order to encourage everyone in their network to vote for them as the community favorite. This is why Carla asked the help of the community in Baguio in order for them to vote and share the voting page for Cafe Yagam.

The Long Road has Ended and Cafe Yagam made it! Cafe Yagam was named as one of the top GBG Stories for 2017! Winners of this prestigious contest will be the filming of their stories and that Carla will be going to next year’s Google I/O.

The winners for this year’s GBG Stories Search are:

Cafe Yagam – Philippines

Virtualahan – Philippines

Riliv.co – Indonesia

Khalti.com – Nepal – People’s Choice Winner


From Baguio City Guide we send Cafe Yagam our heartfelt Congratulations!

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  1. Azrael

    I went there yesterday for lunch. I super love the food, the ambiance and how they help preserve a food culture that almost forgotten