If you’ll be riding a Victory Liner Bus from Manila, you’ll disembark at the terminal at Engineers Hill. Otherwise, your bus stop will be at Gov. Pack Road if you’ll ride a Joy Bus, Philippine Rabbit or other buses from Manila.

But if you are from another place aside from Manila, what you’ll need to know is that some buses would stop at Governor Pack Road.

DAY ONE|Baguio Itinerary

7:00 AM – Breakfast

If you’ll disembark at Victory Liner in Engineers Hill, you can have breakfast at Inihaw Republic which is just a few steps away from the terminal.

On the other hand, if your bus stop is at Gov. Pack Road, you can grab a quick bite at Goto BP. But if you choose to eat somewhere closer to Burnham which is the first destination, here’s a short list of places you can choose from:

8:00 AM – Burnham Park

Since it’s still early, you can enjoy walking at Burnham Park and breathe in the morning breeze. Aside from this, you can try biking, riding a boat or skating with your family or friends at the skating rink. If not, you can just sit down at any bench or the grass areas and just take in the beauty of the place.

If you have your little ones with you, you can also take them to the Children’s Park where you’ll find several swings, slides, monkey bars and more.

11:00 AM – Visit at Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral

A good way to start your tour is by visiting the church and saying your prayers. Thus, you can visit Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral.

Not only is this a place for saying your prayers but it is also a historical church because it was able to withstand the carpet bombing in Baguio during the World War II.

12:00 PM – Dine at Cucinino

Right in time for lunch after visiting the church is Cucinino which has been serving good Italian food for ten years already. You can find this food place at 3rd Floor, Porta Vaga Mall.

Here, you can choose from a variety of pasta, salads, panini, sausages and more. They also serve both hot and cold beverages to match their dishes.

1:00 PM – Baguio Museum

If you want to know more about the history of Baguio City, this is the place to be. Also, you’ll be able to see artifacts and other items in the museum that will help you have a glimpse of the culture and history of the Cordilleras and its people.

2:00 PM – Pine Trees of the World

A short visit to the Pine Trees of the World is a refreshing experience that will make you appreciate even more how these trees help us retain the fresh and cold breeze that the city enjoys.

In this park, tree weeding and planting activities are being conducted to help preserve the environment. You’ll also find here tree species with their Latin names and characteristics.

3:00 PM – Philippine-Japanese Friendship Memorial Shrine

Another historical park you can visit is the Philippine-Japanese Friendship Memorial Shrine. Here you’ll see a tower that signifies the friendship between the Philippines and Japan, with the goal of forgetting what occurred in the past and aiming for eternal world peace.

Also, the shrine was built to pay tribute to all soldiers who fought for the Philippines during World War II.

3:30 PM – Check in at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

The first day of tour is about to end. So in order to get some rest before going to your next destination, it’s time to check in at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre.

This hotel’s location along Legarda Road, Baguio City makes it a convenient choice because it is near the central business district and city facilities. Aside from that, it has an in-house restaurant where you can dine and a gym facility that you can use.

4:00 PM – Rest

8:00 PM – Dinner

After settling in at Holiday Inn, it is time to treat yourselves to a sumptuous dinner before your next stop. Here’s a list of good food places you can try:

9:00 PM – Night Market

Your visit to Baguio City will not be complete without going through the Night Market to find the best ukay-ukay deals for clothing and other stuff.

And of course, you can also find here a variety of affordable street foods to keep you company while looking for the clothes that will make up your next O.O.T.D.

DAY TWO|Baguio Itinerary

5:00 AM – Watch the sunrise at Mines View Park

While some may say that waking up at three or four in the morning is too early for a tour, others who’d like to witness a beautiful sunrise will say it’s all worth it.

In Baguio City, one of the most accessible vantage points to catch the sunrise is Mines View Park. From the park’s view deck, you’ll be in awe of the glorious sight of the sun rising above Cordilleran mountain ranges.

6:40 AM – Breakfast

After watching the sunrise, you can choose to have breakfast at any of the several food places near Mines View Park.

Here’s a list that you can refer to:

8:00 AM – Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd is just a few minutes away from Mines View Park. And here, you’ll be able to buy quality products for pasalubong just like strawberry jam, ube, peanut brittle and more. Also, please be reminded that the place closes at 5PM.

There’s also a mini cafe inside the premises where you can enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by Good Shepherd’s food products.

8:40 AM – The Mansion and Wright Park

After buying pasalubong from Good Shepherd you can go straight to The Mansion. Here, you can go a bit beyond the gates to take photos in front of the grand mansion that serves as the Presidential Home in the Summer Capital.

In front of The Mansion is a stretch of a man-made lake that adds to the place’s grandeur. And at the end of the lake drive is a gazebo where you can also take photos with your loved ones.

9:40 AM – Horseback riding at Wright Park

After taking photos at The Mansion, in front of the lake and at the gazebo, you can go walk through the stairs that leads down to the Wright Park and enjoy horseback riding.

10:40 AM – Botanical Garden

At the Botanical Garden, you’ll be able to have a glimpse of Baguio City’s sister cities because you’ll see replicas of gardens around the world within the park. The development of such was made possible with the help the sister cities of Baguio. Aside from this, you’ll also be able to explore caves in the area that were said to be used by the Japanese to escape during the World War II.

12:00 PM – Lunch

After exploring gardens within a garden, it is time to satisfy your tummies. But you won’t have to worry because there are several places you can choose from for lunch.

Here they are:

1:00 PM – Camp John Hay Historical Core

At the Camp John Hay Historical Core, you’ll be able to know more about the history of the camp. And during your visit, you’ll see several attractions like the Cemetery of Negativism, the Secret Garden, Bell House and more.

2:30 PM – Camp John Hay Scout Hill Area

At the Camp John Hay Scout Hill Area, you’ll find several activities to enjoy with your family or friends. You can walk through the Yellow Trail, visit the Butterfly Sanctuary, have a walk, sit down for a picnic, and more.

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4:30 PM – Philippine Military Academy or Kennon Road View Deck

If you want to see tanks or jets in real life and see where the future fighters for our country are being trained, you can visit the Philippine Military Academy.

On the other hand, you can go to the Kennon Road View Deck and just savor the view of the majestic mountains and the sketch of the famous zigzags of Kennon Road.

5:30 PM – Dinner

If you’ll be coming from PMA, you can choose to eat at any of the following:

But if you’re originating from the Kennon Road View Deck, here are some choices:

DAY THREE|Baguio Itinerary

6:00 AM – Breakfast

For the third day, you can have a detour to La Trinidad in order to visit the famous Strawberry Farm. But before that, here’s a list of food places for breakfast that are near the first destination, Easter Weaving Room:

7:30 AM – Easter Weaving Room

If you’re into woven products, Easter Weaving Room is the perfect place for you. You’ll even be able to watch people weaving in person. And aside from this, you’ll find high quality local products in this place such as formal wears adorned with ethnic patterns, wood carvings, handicrafts and more souvenir items.

8:30 AM – Strawberry Farm

It’s your chance to experience picking strawberries from the famous Strawberry Farm. And aside from this, you’ll also see a stretch of land being planted with a variety of other crops. And of course, make sure to taste the famous strawberry ice cream being sold in the area.

At Strawberry Farm, you’ll be able to buy items like fresh lettuce for a lower price than those in the market.

10:30 AM – Mount Costa

At Mount Costa, you’ll find what they call “An Outdoor Green Living Room.” Here, you can enjoy walking through trails and feel closer to nature. You’ll also see landscapes of beautiful flowers and plants where you can take photos with your family and friends. Inside the premises, you’ll also find food kiosks and picnic tables where you can eat and rest. And of course, there’s a playground where children can also enjoy.

12:00 PM – Lunch

After exploring the vast area of Mount Costa, you can enjoy dining at any of the following places:

1:00 PM – Tam-Awan Village

Immerse in Cordilleran culture and art by visiting Tam-Awan Village. Here, you’ll see galleries, a cafe, tribal huts and more. Aside from that, you’ll also be introduced to Cordilleran ethnic dances through performances.

2:00 PM – Diplomat Hotel

Right in time before the place closes at 5:00 PM, you can still roam around the Diplomat Hotel Heritage and Nature Park.

As most of us know, Diplomat Hotel is one of the most visited scary places in Baguio. But aside from this, it has been considered part of the city’s heritage for its historical value.

4:00 PM – City Hall Park

Just recently, the City Hall’s mini park was renovated. Now, if you visit the place, you’ll see that it embodies the identity of Baguio City including the preservation of culture and the high regard for the arts.