One Day Baguio Itinerary


If you are coming from Manila your bus stop will either be at Governor Pack road or at Engineers hill (if you ride a Victory Liner Bus). For a one day itinerary best to choose your travel time where you will arrive early morning. Travel from Cubao station via a Deluxe JoyBus or Victory Liner will take around 4-5 hours depending on traffic. the shortened travel time is due to the fact that these buses are traveling non-stop and it uses the NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX route. If you ride the regular aircon bus of Victory liner, travel will take around 6-8 hours since there are two stop overs and it will be traveling through the regular routes not via TPLEX.

4:00 AM – Breakfast

If you are disembarking at the Governor pack bus station of JoyBus or Genesis Bus you can grab a quick bite at Goto Baden or Goto BP at Governor pack road. It is a small shop that serves Goto (rice porridge with cows stomach) a nice place for a quick bite at an affordable price. If cow stomach is not your thing you can walk a few meter and you will be at Session Road, the heart of Baguio’s Central Business District.

If you happen to be at the Engineer’s hill Victory liner bus station, you can grab a bite at the nearby Inihaw republic. This is the only nearby restaurant that is open 24 hours although there are fastfood inside the Victory liner bus station and a new fastfood is going to open at a nearby Gasoline station,

6:00 AM – Sunrise at Mines View Park

Viewing the sunrise is best enjoyed if you have a good vantage point. There are several vantage points in Baguio City where you can enjoy the sunrise but the most accessible and easiest to get is at Mines View Park. So after your breakfast you can hail a taxi cab and proceed to the Mines View, enter the park and go to the view deck area where you wait as the sun rises behind the mountain ranges of the Cordillera.

8:00 AM- The Mansion House

After visiting the Veteran pine tree, you can walk down via Outlook drive and right to the main road or the Baguio-Bua-Itogon road which will lead to the summer home of the President of the Philippines, The Mansion. Here you can enjoy taking photos with your friends beyond the gates of The Mansion. Across the street is Wright Park and if you go further down the stretch of the man-made pool and face The Mansion you will see the view of The Mansion as seen in postcards. Go further and you will see a gazebo and even further will take you down to where the famous Wright Park horses

9:00 AM – Good Shepherd

If you wish to buy the famous Good Shepherd “pasalubong” then it would be best to head on over to Good Shepherd, you can actually either go here first before going to the Veteran Pine tree and The Mansion, however if you do not want to be carrying those extra load while you explore Baguio City then you can either do it after Wright Park (since there will be a lot of walking from the Veteran Pine) or do it before you depart Baguio City, just remember that the last call for orders will be at 5PM so you better be there before said time.

10:00 AM – Botanical Garden

Get ready to explore Baguio’s different sister cities around the world at the Botanical Garden. Just a few meters away from Wright Park (horse-back riding area) the Botanical Garden was developed with the help of Baguio’s sister cities. Exploring the inside of Botanical Garden will take about 1 hour. Be sure to explore the caves and the forested area inside the Garden.

11:30 AM – Laperal White House

One of the famous houses in Baguio City the Laperal white house is said to be haunted. Such reputation made this a must visit place if you are in Baguio. Since it is quite near Botanical Garden you can either take a walk or ride a jeepney bound for the central business district, but you must disembark along Leonard wood Road, the house is easy to spot since it stands along Leonard wood road.

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12:00 NN – Pink Sisters

Walking further up from the White House and taking a right turn to Brent Road you will see the famous Pink Sisters Convent. Time to rest not only your tired body but also your soul by keeping silent and entering into a meditative state as you pray.

12:00 NN – Lunch

For lunch, there are several restaurants near Pink sisters convent. Just a few meters walk from the convent to Leonard wood road, you will find Studio Coffee. This restaurant cafe offers dishes served in large portions at affordable prices.

If the weather is cool, then a hearty serving of your favorite piping hot soup is in order. Soup District is located along Leonard wood Road and they serve different Asian dishes most notably their different line up of Soup dishes.

2:00 PM – Baguio Museum

After a delicious lunch, time to continue exploring Baguio City. Learn more about the culture of the Cordilleras by visiting the Baguio Museum, for a minimal fee you can get a glimpse of the culture of the Cordillera and the influences that made Baguio the City that is known today.

3:30 PM – BenCab Museum

While you are in the Museum vibe, take a 15-30 minute taxi ride to Asin road and view the beautiful artwork collection of one of the Philippines’ national artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera at the BenCab Museum. The Museum is open from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM on Tuesdays to Sundays. The Museum is closed on Mondays.

5:00 PM – Tam-awan Village

Baguio City is indeed home to artists, it’s beauty have captivated the hearts of artists from different parts of the world, it also sparked the artist spirit within local artists. Tam-awan village is where you see the fusion of local culture and art. You can even level up your experience by renting out one of the cordilleran huts to stay for the night. You have to prepare to pay an entrance fee.

6:30 PM – Burnham Park

Enjoy Burnham Park in the Evening, take a boat ride, bike, watch the fountain or simply just sit down and watch people pass by. Burnham park is a perfect place to cap your exploration of Baguio City. It is said that you haven’t been to Baguio if you haven’t visited Burnham Park.

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8:00 PM – Dinner

Good taste is one of Baguio’s most visited restaurant, not only because they serve good food but their dishes are really affordable. If you are in Baguio it is a must that you dine here at least once.

Another great dining choice that provides delicious chinese fusion dishes is at Central Park. Located a few meters walk from Burnham Park’s Rose garden and just beside the DTI office, you will surely delight at their various selections of dimsums among other delicious dishes.

If Slab of Ribs is what you crave then Canto is the restaurant of choice. Formerly located at the now dismantled Ketchup Food Community, Canto transferred along Kisad road just several meters away from the Burnham Park Children’s Playground.

If you prefer an evening romantic al fresco dining set-up, La Parilla will not disappoint. Their spanish inspired dishes are a must try. They are located along Kisad road.

One of the newest restaurant in Baguio City, Jaime’s Restaurant serves up different types of meat dishes like ribs. This restaurant with a quaint interior is located in the corner of Kisad Road and General Lim street.

10:00 PM – Night Market

Before heading on to the bus station for your next destination, drop by the night market along Harrison road and get the best deals on pre-loved clothes. The night market thrives because it is where you can purchase branded items for a low price.

This itinerary is a suggested one-day Baguio Itinerary, of course, it is assumed that you are fit to travel before embarking on this one-day exploration of Baguio City. Again this suggested itinerary may be modified according to your own specifications. Restaurants featured here are our recommendations based on our own experience dining in these restaurants. If you intend to stay in Baguio for more than a day watch out for our next Baguio itineraries.

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