Yes Pho offers authentic Vietnamese food and an overall positive experience. We believe that Filipinos deserve healthy, delicious, and substantial food at affordable prices.

The Vietnamese and Filipino eating culture both value a sense of community and unity in having a meal with friends and family. It is refreshing to see more and more Filipinos embrace not just Vietnamese cuisine, but other international cuisines in general. Yes Pho intends to further bridge the authentic Vietnamese dining experience to Filipinos, with the intention of elevating the mainstream dining experience to more than just fast food and unhealthy, “instant” choices.

Our main dish is Pho, a world-renowned Vietnamese soup dish and a classic favorite. Pho is gaining more and more popularity among Filipinos, and with good reason. It is filling, healthy, and simply delicious. Best of all, there is a calming quality that comes with sipping pho broth, leaving anyone feeling soothed and satisfied.

Yes Pho promises to create a pleasant, positive atmosphere and we strive to do so every day by only providing delectable food outstanding service, and a cozy ambiance.

This is the reason why we call our business YES PHO. We take cue from Filipinos’ habit of responding “yes po,” YES being a universally understood word that represents positivity, often followed by a nod and a smile. Say Yes to Pho.


Yes Pho has its roots back in 2014 with Bundongtam, a Vietnamese canteen in Vito Cruz, Manila. Although this business received generally good feedback, sustaining the business was not feasible at that time due to lack of resources and a non-strategic location. Bundongtam closed in late 2014, but a new business was born— a homebased Vietnamese food delivery service, Viet Cafe Manila. Viet Cafe Manila operated from late 2014 to early 2016, focusing on Vietnamese food delivery. We prepared food in our home and personally delivered orders around Metro Manila.

Viet Cafe Manila gained a loyal base of customers. The venture helped us hone our craft and learn the basics. We also participated in food bazaars and in the 2014 Quezon City Food Festival. This further inspired and motivated us to one day have an actual physical space where we can share Vietnamese food to more people.

In 2016, we decided to set up shop in Baguio City, the perfect place to enjoy a delicious bowl of hot and steaming pho. We believe that the market in Baguio, both residents and tourists, easily gravitate towards our brand of healthy, authentic, and affordable Vietnamese food.

Yes Pho found its first home in Baguio in Camp John Hay, with a small kiosk and 12 seats. There, we were able to gradually introduce our brand and food to both tourists and locals, and create a stable base of customers. After 7 months operating in this location, Yes Pho found the opportunity to move to a more conspicuous location at S. Building, Engineers’ Hill, Upper Session Road Extension. This has been Yes Pho’s home since June 2017 up to present. Here, more and more people have access to pho and to other Vietnamese dishes.

We hope to continue sharing our brand of Vietnamese food and be of service to the people of Baguio, both tourists and residents alike, and further expand in the coming years.