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Philippine Military Academy


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Set your feet in the Philippines’ home of brave warriors and protectors of the land. Getting up the higher grounds, you’d be surprised to have personal encounters from the cadets, who will surely be waving an affable glance at all visitors, seemingly, welcoming them saying, this is our home, welcome everyone! You can get to this spot by private car, just pass through Loakan Road, you can also take a peek at Loakan Airport for a quick snap or story. Keep going straight until you see the gate of Fort Gregorio Del Pilar.  You can also hail a cab, cab drivers usually know the way to PMA. You can also take the jeepney for all the frugal folks out there! Get the Plaza-Loakan-PMA jeepney if your coming from the city central.

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The Philippine Military Academy is home to tradition and grandeur. There are drill exhibitions on the weekends wherein you will see the cadets performing their skills and doing their drills. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, the PMA museum and walk around its curated grounds to see war torn and vintage tanks and other historical military weapons. Enjoy the refreshing scent of pine woods and the cool breeze as you stroll around the confines of PMA. Take a peek on the Borromeo Field to understand the excitement and discover the revelation that every did not come here just to be trained by their own selfish desires but to give their lives freely for the love of the Philippines.

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