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Lion’s Head


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The Lion’s Head is one of the greatest landmarks in Baguio City. It’s easy to go this spot if you tour around Benguet with a private car. You’ll have a hard time coming here if you’re a commuter since private bus companies don’t usually pass by here anymore (They pass by Marcos Highway nowadays) . If you really do want to come here, even without a car you can stroll around the jeepney terminals around Burnham Park and find the ones going to Camp 6. It usually takes 30 minutes for the jeepney to fill up, and another 30 minutes for the travel time going to the Lion’s Head.

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The Lion’s Head along Kennon Road was a project of the Lions Club International – Baguio Chapter. It was finished in 1971 with the goal of developing an imposing landmark and establishing their presence in Baguio City.  The Lion’s Head is almost intertwined with the Kennon Road Viewpoint, you can practically hit two birds with one stone when you go this spot. Made with limestone, prepared by a group of engineers, and sculpted by one of CAR’s finest artists; it would be a shame not to get your picture taken next to it.

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