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Kennon Road Viewpoint


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Bus Companies travelling from the south going to Baguio are no longer passing by Kennon Road, instead they opt to pass by Marcos Highway. However, if you do have a car, it’s a great idea to pass by the Kennon Road Viewpoint and stopover. The scenic route down the zigzag road will astound you. If you’re coming from the North and still want to see this spot, it’s an hour long bus trip or a 30 minute private car ride from the City central.

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At first, you’ll only see this spot as your typical tourist stopover store; but this modest spot will give you one of the best panoramic sights in Baguio City. The view deck has two sections for you to explore, you can head on the first floor that has a store and a garden full of lush greens. Then you can go to the second floor which gives you an elevated view. The garden gives you a wider view of the open area, while the second floor offers elevation! You decide what you want for your pictures. There’s nothing much to do here but it’s still worthy of a visit. Hey, you don’t get to see something majestic as this everyday, right?

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