A visit to Baguio City is never complete without a stop at Camp John Hay. The place has everything everyone loves about the city. Look for jeepneys with  “Baguio Plaza-Scout Barrio” sign. These jeepneys pass through a certain “crossing”. From this “crossing”, Camp John Hay is walking distance. Next to jeepneys with “Baguio Plaza-Scout Barrio” signs are few L-300 vans with the same sign, Baguio Plaza-Scout Barrio. Their route is different from the jeepneys as they pass through exact location of Camp John Hay. At any rate, you can talk to driver of either jeepney or van to find out which one pass through of Camp John Hay. The fare ranges from 8 to 10 pesos.

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Camp John Hay is one of the most chill places in Baguio City, maybe even the Philippines. But did you know you could still awaken the daredevil in you while you’re in a calm state?
The Treetop Adventure offers attraction to the Adrenaline junkies to experience Camp John Hay in an intense fashion with their crowd favorites such as the zipline and the harnessed free fall.  Do you want to take it easy? Still not ready to awaken the adventurous side of you? Then you can never go wrong with a good old fashioned hike. Appreciate the natural beauty of the site while following the trail. You can also have a good time at the Butterfly Sanctuary which houses many species of butterflies fluttering about. Got some demons you have to kill? Bad habits you need to let go? Then you will totally enjoy the Cemetery of Negativism. It is a symbolic site for the burying of negativities in life, thoughts that are dragging you down, emotions that are wearing you down, and bad habits. Give yourself a gastronomic trip with familiar food places and  signature dishes of homegrown restaurants.

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