Camp John Hay Eco-Trail


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The Eco Trail is located within the confines of Camp John Hay. You will find the entrance of the trail at the Paintball Republic which is across Le Monet Hotel. It’s impossible for you to miss it!

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The Eco Trail is a short but scenic route that takes you from the entrance of the Paintball Republic to old main gate. It has its fair share of uphill and downhill treks that stretches about for 1.5 km. Enjoy the scent of pine trees as they surround while you trek around the pine rich forest. Don’t get me started on the nearby mountain ranges that gives you an awesome viewpoint. After the uphill climb, you get into a more shaded area, get chill with the pine trees that are towering over you as you prepare and catch your breath for the next climb part. The view of this pine forest will always be a welcoming sight, and forever will be an enchanted sight. After the hike, you have the option to go back where you entered, or exit via  Tree Top Adventure where you can have that one last look at the view of the multiple mountain ranges that surrounds you. However, if you opt to exit where you started, you’d find that there’s still a lot of things that you can do within the vicinity of the eco-trail. Have a go with a paintball session and get your aim on! Hit them bulls-eyes with the shooting range, and test where you physique can take you with the slide and rappel, and wall climbing.

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